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Avail of the Wholesale List of Jewelry!

Warning: This Message is only for business minded and value oriented consumers, who are tired of paying retail prices for today’s hottest products. So if you are guilty of giving away your hard earned money month after month to greedy middlemen, then this Message may not be for you .We help customers reach and exceed their financial goals by helping them acquire and maintain key relationships with suppliers and wholesalers. We are not just another site offer the same list floating around Ebay; containing a few outdated contacts. We provide customers like you with professionally designed wholesale contacts that are Reliable, Exclusive and proven to get you the products you need at the prices you want to pay.

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Price Examples:

Car Audio & Performance Parts Wholesale:
Turbo Kits for under $1600
Rims from $75-700
Wingshields $50
SuperChargers $50
Dash Lay-Outs $5
Nos Tanks $45
Name Brand CD Players $50
Name Brand Speakers $25

Jerseys Wholesale:
Mitchell & Ness Throwbacks $40.00/per jersey (NO BULK) they will go as low as $25.00/each in bulk they are paypal verified..

Authentic Nike Jordan jerseys and Authentic Reebok Jersey's (NBA, NFL) they supply them in large bulk for $25.00/each.

Designer Purses Wholesale:
Louis Vuitton Monogram Collection handbags $45.00/each
Louis Vuitton Murakami Collection handbags $50.00/each
Louis Vuitton Damier Collection handbags $45.00/each

Designer Clothing Wholesale:
Gucci Grey Canvas and Leather Purse $16.50/each and $8.50/each in bulk
Gucci White Leather Purse $18.50/each and $9.50/each in bulk
Gucci Black Canvas Carry Case $15.50/each and $7.50/each

Jordans/Air Force Ones Wholesale:
Authentic Jordans
$65.00/each in bulk orders
$84.00/each if you just order one pair

Authentic Air Force Ones:
$49/each in bulk orders
$68.00/each if you just order one pair

Variant Jordans:
$35.00/pair in bulk orders
$44.00/pair dropshipped to your customers
$60.00/pair if you just order one pair

Variant Air Force Ones:
$30.00/pair in bulk orders
$44.00/pair dropshipped to your customers
$60.00/pair if you just order one pair

Variant Timberlands:
$35.00/pair in bulk orders
$44.00/pair dropshipped to you customers
$75.00pair if you just order one pair

Mixtapes Wholesale:
DJ Green Lantern Invasion Part Three: $3.00/each and $2.00/each in large bulk.
Vlad/Green/Harry 2Pac Rap Phenomenon Part 2: $3.00/each and $2.00/each in large bulk.
DJ Vlad Notorious B.I.G. Rap Phenomenon: $3.00/each and $2.00/each in large bulk.
Swisha House all cd's $5.00/each in large bulk.
all these cd's are real (NOT BOOTLEGS) they can be sold from $7.00-$15.00 on the streets or in the malls so there is enormous profits to be made.

Ebay Wholesale:
New Release DVD's $12.00/each
New Release 4, 5 and 6 hour adult DVD's $1.60/each

New Sony Playstation 2 Games $14.00/each
New Xbox Games $14.00/each
New Release Games $38.00/each

Smoke Accessories Wholesale:
Glass Pipes $4.96/each
Key chain Smoking Pipes $0.80/each
Glass Water Pipe $11.95/each
Glass Bottle Pipes $2.13/each
Marlboro Cigarettes - $14.95/per carton
Camel Cigartettes - $13.95/per carton
Winston - $13.95/per carton

Hip-Hop Jewelry Wholesale:
Chains $6.00/each
Pendants $6.00/each
Platinum Watches $15.00/each
Earring $6.00/each
Custom Belt Buckles $9.00/each
Pimp Cups $7.00/each

Name Brand Clothes Wholesale:
Gap sweaters $6.50/each
Abercrombie & Fitch tee's $7.50/each
Enyce Sweaters $33.55/each
Phat Farm tee's $11.50/each
New Era Hats $14.50/each
Akademik Denim Jea

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