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Lan Manor, Morriston


I'm trying to find any info/pics etc on Lan Manor/House, which used to be on Trewyddfa Rd, Morriston.
Can anyone help?

Re: Lan Manor, Morriston

I remeber it as a boy.

Ther used to Polish and Ukranian famlies living there.

One friend I went to school wit.
Marti Street and Pentrepoeth.
was Anthony Mazurckavich.

Cannot be sure of the surname spelling.

In the cottages oppostie another friend of ours lived.

Colin Fraufein.



PS . I live in Carmarthen now.

Re: Lan Manor, Morriston

Hi Gaynor, you were the original author of this posting and I am at fault here, my memory of Lan Manor is very vague, if you had posted this querie in the 70's my Dad would have aswered your QUESTION, it is true from the last reply it was occupied by a Polish family and he raised Muscovy Ducks that descended upon our small holding The Quarry Lan St in the early 50's. and mated with our White Ailsbury Ducks that were a form of domesticated ducks and created havoc. As a young boy I explored the the abandoned storage buildings of that Manor and found excotic antiques in there wind up gramophones Bird Cages made from wood & Bamboo, so it would appear it was ocupied by a wealthy familly at some time, Cheers Merlyn