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Morriston History

Dear Readers,

I am the great great great grand daughter of George Hanney,Band master of the Hanney Family Band, also Knowen as the 1st Glamorgan Royal Garrison Artillery Band. George died in 1908 after collasping during a concert at the Grand Theatre Swansea.A funeral procession for him was held through the streets of Swansea and every shop and school in Morriston was closed.I am finding it almost impossible to find anyone with accurate information about this part of history in Morriston.It is of endless interest to me to discover more about Morriston,Swansea,Llansamlet Cemetery, George Hanney and The Hanney Family Band.Please email me with anything on these subjects..Thank you..Regards Melanie

Re: Morriston History

Best of luck in your research. I came across many refs to the band in the newspapers of 19th century whilst researching the history of Morriston Cricket Club. In 1886 Morriston C.C. won the South Wales challenge cup in Cardiff and it was reported that the Hanney Band led a victory procession from High Street Station to Morriston on the return of the team.
Didn't the Band win a major competition in Paris and it was said that each band had to provide its own music stands. Hanney Band had none and pinned the sheets to the backs of players in front!!!!
Good luck in your research. The band was a huge part of Morriston history.

Hugh David Morgan

Re: Morriston History

Hi Melanie,
I came across your website when I was searching on Google for any information about the Hanney band. I am also related to them!
I do not have the family tree with me right now, but I am pretty sure that I am George Hanney (band master)'s great great great grand-daughter.
I have a photo of the band and I know that they played at King George's corronation.
Looking forward to your reply,

Poppy Jones

Re: Morriston History

Do you have information about the Hanney Band playing in King George's coronation?

Re: Morriston History

Hello Catherine

Are you still interested in the Hanney Band?

I bought a job lot of THE MORRISTON OTHER TIMES Community Newspaper at a sale held at Swansea Museum in October but have only just got around to reading through them. Having noticed your email on the Forum a couple of days ago, I wondered if you would like a copy of an article entitled The Famous Hanney Band, written by Mrs Marjorie Uren, which appeared in the paper in the late 70’s/early 80’s. It has five photos as well as the text. It is 2 x A3 sheets, so it is too big for my scanner. However, if you would like a copy, I would be happy to get it photocopied and put it in the post for you.

Regards Jane

Re: Morriston History

Hi Jane, I would definitely be interested in that! Please could you send a copy of the article to me? I'd be very grateful. Is there a way I can send a private message to you with my address? Thank you! Poppy

Re: Morriston History

Hi Melanie, If memory serves me right weren't the Hanneys Salvation Army members in Morriston I don't have much information, but if every little bit helps then this is what I have, From 1964 I was Musical Director of the Clydach Amateur Operatic Society and the trombone Player in the Morgan Lloyd Orchestra was a Mr Hanney (same family) I don't know his Christian name, sorry.