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Re: Beginners questions


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I've just started using my camera (Minolta x300) after a long period. I've had the camera since 1984 and wish to increase my knowledge before going any further. I hope some of you will be able to answer some questions for me.

1. As an amateur using an SLR, what is the best way/place to have films developed. I've found that using Bonus print et al often results in "bland" images, even when special filters etc have been used.

2. Are there any advantages of using a digital camera rather than SLR. Can you prevent the problems mentioned in previous question by using this camera type? Would it be fair to say that a digital camera restricts the use of different techniques and special effects?

3. I would like to be able to shoot sports action material, tennis, football etc.. What equipment do professionals use for this purpose? I have seen some pros carrying large lense equipment up to 2' long! Is this absolutely necessary for good results?

I hope you'll excuse my ignorance on the subject, but as I've said I am a beginner and wish to learn from experienced folk like yourselves. Thank you for your time, any replies would be gratefully appreciated.