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Visiting: lookin for history and food!

In researching family history I've found my great (and possibly great-great) grandparents were from Morriston. Will be visiting from USA in April 2006 and would like to celebrate my birthday in a restaurant in their old hometown. Any suggestions? Also any info on the local tinplate mills. Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Visiting: lookin for history and food!

theres not much in terms of "restaurants" in Morriston, plenty of take aways.... the best "Restaurant" I can recommend, is Balti Palace, it faces the St. Davids church. It does Indian cuisine, and is quite nice and fairly priced imo. Other than that, pubs are the next best option, maybe The Red Lion (don't know if that still exists - rarely go down that end of Morriston!!) is another option.... it's a pub i *think* but rather nice/big ... i think. Balti Palace is the only place I can serioiusly recommend. Theres another Tandoori place i think which is also a restaurant near the top of of Woodfield Street... .can't rememeber what its called, but never been there myself. And, if you are after Fish and Chips, might I suggest Central Fish Bar