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Monkey Parade

Hi I have been trying to find out why Morriston has the nickname Monkeytown. After a lot of very unsatisfactory explanations I was recently told it was because of the Monkey Parade. This led me to this forum. I guess the monkey parade happened on the weekends when the young men and women of Morriston would parade up and down checking each other out and flirting with one another. Am I right so far? But why was the Monkey Parade so called? Does anyone out there remember?

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Re: Monkey Parade

Eddy a very good question. The Monkey Parade took place on a Sunday evening when the young men & women dressed in their best would Wolf Whistle and Cat call and flirt with the opposite sex along the main drag Woodfeild St. A similar Parade would take place along the Promenade between Singleton and the Slip on the same evening, to differentiate between the two Parades they invented the Morriston Monkeys.

Re: Monkey Parade

Hi, I am also new to this web site, looks good !!
I was always led to believe that the term Morriston Monkey nickname referred to the Monkey Puzzle Trees that could be seen around Morriston. I remember there was a fine one in Crown Street. Can Anyone else shed some light? There is a new Morriston Historical Society starting up - perhaps someone there will have the answers.

Re: Monkey Parade

I have been asked this question a number of times, The reason why Morriston is called Monkeytown was orginally because of the tress (pre ww1) in woodfeild st (what I believe at the time was called Market st)produced some sort of Monkey Nut..the Phrase the Monkey Parade came long after this.

I know this seems far fetched but information on this can be found in Morriston Libary.

Hope this helps :)

Re: Monkey Parade

I Believe it relates to the Monkey Puzzle trees in
Upper Crown Street.
An explanation from my late Father and Mother.
May parents lived in one of the Flats when they were married.
Originally from Martin Street, but moved to
Bath Road. No; 36 next to the Scouts Hut,
Then a Bungalow was built there.
my Late father dug the footings as we lived next door.
Dai Francis.
His brother lived further up Bath Road.
My Late Grandmother on my Fathers side was in service
at Bath Villa.

Who remembers getting conkers from the trees there.

Does any one remember me or my Brother Ronald.
I now live in Carmarthen.
I have many memories of Morriston.

....Regards to all.
Trevor...a Morrsistonian Monkey

Re: Monkey Parade

The article in the Cambrian Daily Leader in February 1914 is the earliest reference found to the Morriston Monkey Parade on Sunday nights which it would seem had been going on from the early 19th Century.