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Old Maps

Hi everyone and particularly those who attended the first meeting of the Morriston Historical Society on Tuesday.
If you are looking for old maps to see what Morriston (or any other area) used to look like in days gone by, check out
In the search box (top left hand corner) type in the area you are interested in and make sure the 'Place Name' is checked - then click Search. If you typed in Morriston for instance, you will be presented with a map entitled 'Glamorganshire' dated 1884.
Click on 'Enlarged View' at the bottom of the map and you can see the map in greater detail. You will need to scroll top to bottom and left to right in order to see it all, so check it for yourself to see what information is available for all you historians out there.
If you try to print the map, it will only print what is showing on the screen, but you can buy an A3 copy of it or download a PDF version to print at home.
Hope this is useful to you.
P.S. If you type Llansamlet in the search box, you will see the adjoining map to Morriston with the join near the River Tawe and the Upper Forest, Worcester and Dyffryn Works.