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Griffith Abraham of Market Street Morriston.

Hello There.

I wonder if there is a “Morristonian” out there who might be able to help me. I have been researching my family history now for a number of years and have hit a bit of a brick wall with regards to my G.G. Grandmothers brother, Griffith Abraham. I have photographs of Griffith’s siblings but have no idea what Griffith looked like and would dearly love to get hold of a photograph of him. I know that Griffith had a number of children so I’m hoping that somewhere out there, someone might know of a living relative (possibly in the Morriston area) who might have a photograph of him. My cousin Byron (Morriston born and bred!) is the only living relative I have that remembers Griffith, and that could identify him from a photograph. Byron will be 95 this December and, as well as being in excellent health, has a fantastic memory. Byron can remember Griffith from when he was a child. Griffith died in April 1923 so Byron and his recollections (as well as my limited research) are pretty much the only leads I have on him. Please excuse me if this posting is getting quite long, but it’s probably my last shot at locating a photograph of Griffith. Here’s what I know about Griffith:

He was born on the 6th July 1852 and married Mary Flynn (daughter of John Flynn – gardener – of Ivy Lodge Morriston) in August 1873. They had three daughters; Catherine Ann “Katy” Abraham who was born in 1877, Maud Abraham (born aprox. 1885) and Edith Abraham born in 1887. Katy married Edward Llewellyn Jenkins in March 1900 (he was living in 53, Church Square Morriston and was a Tinplate Furnace-man). As far as I know, Katy and Edward had a son William (known as Willie Abraham, even though he was Willie Jenkins) who died quite young. Katy lived on the opposite side of the road to her father in Market St. Morriston, possibly in No 37. I have no idea what happened to Edith, but Maud married William John Hughes, a Copper Furnace-man of Brynhyfryd, on 4th Sept 1909. There may be some connection with Edith and Maud and the “Shaw” family from Morriston, but I have no idea what that connection might be.
Griffith Abraham was widowed in 1893 and married his second wife, Elizabeth Griffiths (a widow) in July 1894. Elizabeth had two young sons; David Griffiths and Thomas Griffiths. Griffith brought the two boys up as his own. One of his stepsons, David, was blind and I believe was known as “Dai Abe” the blind man. Griffith was an Engine fitter by trade and, during his lifetime, worked as a Mechanic in the Steel and Tinplate works, as well as spending some time in Australia. Griffith was brought up in the cottages in Castle Street Morriston (opposite Philadelphia Chapel!) but lived in No 16 Market Street when Byron knew him. Byron recalls Griffith keeping the Castle Pub for a time and also running a small shop next to the pub.
Griffith went on to have 2 more children with his second wife: William Griffith Abraham and Elizabeth H. Abraham (born aprox. 1899). William Griffith Abraham was born in 1897; in Neath Road Morriston (No 570?) so I guess Griffith and Elizabeth must have been living there at this time. In 1901 they lived in Ty Glyn, Pentrepoeth Morriston. William Griffith Abraham died at 28 years of Age in 1925 and is buried in Llansamelt Church. At the time of his death he was married and was living in “Sunny Bank” Peniel Green Llansamlet while working as a Chauffer for the Spelter Works Offices. I have no idea what happened to Elizabeth H. Abraham, Griffith’s daughter, or where Griffith or either of his wives are buried I’m afraid.
I would really appreciate it if anyone out there could help me with information, or photographs of Griffith. Sorry to have gone on a bit but I’m running out of ideas and you all seem a friendly and helpful lot on this forum so I thought I’d chance my arm and make this posting. Hopefully someone out there might have a distant memory jogged by the info in my posting.
I attended the inaugural meeting of the Morriston Historical Society but was unable to attend the second meeting due to work commitments. I hope to get a long to the next meeting which I’m sure will be as interesting and informative as the first.

Best Regards. Steve Thomas.