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Tramroad address - Morriston

I've been researching the history of the Sayce branch of my family and a widowed great grandmother Sarah Sayce and her children I have found to be living in Tramroad in the 1891 Census. Adjacent streets to Tramroad in the census record seem to be Plas-y-coed, and Pentremalwed.

Does anyone have any idea of what street Tramroad might now be?

Could it be the steep hill down from Plas-y-Coed to Pentremalwed?

Might it have been a section of either Plas-y-Coed, or Pentremalwed?

I lived in Plas-y-Coed for a while from the end of WW2 to a date in the fifties which I have to check, and the hill running down from the terrace had a number of modernish houses on the left going down hill and there could well have been older houses previously - I recall right at the bottom on the corner with Pentremalwed there were remains of a demolished building.

Tramroad is not showing up on the 1901 census and the 1881 is not available in its handwritten form as far as I can tell.

It's not so easy searching for street names - you have to have a personal name first but once you're in you can then go across the whole folio.

If anyone knows anything about this street please let me know.

Re: Tramroad address - Morriston

I've gone back two decades from 1891 to 1871 and found two households in "Clyndu Tramroad". I'm waiting for the chance to check the 1881 census return and earlier to see if there are further mentions.

My mother and grandmother never mentioned this bit of family history to me, in fact hardly any family history at all. The only bit of Morriston/Treboeth history I was told was that my Sayce antecedents came from Pembrokeshire - that seems to be true. And my father lost the family home Bryn Newydd in Treboeth where I was born in 1939, because of a major dodgy investment, and that seems to be true as well. Tthough there's a lot of work to be done on checking this out.