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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Keep Tom in your prayers

Please keep Tom Overymyer...father of fellow classmate Jodi Overmyer Kiser...and long time friend of my your prayers. He is suffering from liver failure, which stems mostly from spraying fields with chemicals and not having proper facial protection at the time....who knew back then. Tom is a great person. He has been Lindsey's Fire Chief for years!

Below is a link to the article in the Messenger which mention a collection taken at the county fair during the Lorri Morgan concert.

Ken Dumminger, a local photographer and businessman, opened the show, stating that at this time three years ago, he was in desperate need of a liver transplant, which he received a few months later. Dumminger said that Tom Overmyer, president of the Sandusky County Fair, was now in need of a liver transplant and requested a freewill offering to help Overmyer with his expenses.

"Some people had no idea of the fears and issues I had to deal with (three years ago)," said Dumminger, "Tom has cirhossis of the liver, just like me, and is in desperate need of a liver."

A freewill offering was taken by members of the Junior Fair Court, who support community projects and volunteered to take the offering. "These are some of the greatest kids to work with," said Dumminger.