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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Jennifer Graefe

We lost Jennifer Graefe on Sunday, October 17, due complications from a previous operation.

I spoke with her mom today. She said they had a beautiful celebration of her life yesterday, Oct. 21. Today, Oct. 22, they will be spreading her ashes off the coast of Hawaii...her new adopted home.

There is no memorial set up as of yet. If you would like to send your condolences, please feel free to e-mail Jennifer's mom, Patricia Graefe, at .

Re: Jennifer Graefe

That is so sad! It just makes you realize how short life can be. We have lost so many from our class! She really sounded like she was happy with what she was doing with her life.

Re: Jennifer Graefe

First my condolences go out Jen's family and to Stacy and her family over the lose of her father. I haven't been online much due to computer problems and having my mother move in with us. My good news pales to the passing of a classmate and a beloved teacher and mentor to those in our clas. Debbie went in to labor prematurly on Holloween and we had a set of twins(boy and girl)November 1. Quinton and Ashton came home on Christmas eve after spending 55 days in the hospital because they were so tiny Quinton weighed 3lbs 2oz and Ashton weighed 4lbs 3oz. I'll post more about the twins after I have had time to sit and think about the passings. I know they will be missed

Re: Re: Jennifer Graefe

Congratulation Bill.

Do you ever notice that with the loss of a life their aways seems to be the birth of a life. I know people die and babies are born every day. I just seem to notice it more when I loose someone in my life...some one I know seem to have a child soon after that. I feels it's God reaffirming life.

Re: Re: Re: Jennifer Graefe

I've noticed the same thing having worked in the nursing field with my mother and in military hospitals while I was in the Navy. I witnessed both first hand. I even delivered my now 12 year old daughter and my Grandmother Mader passed away 4 months later. Having looked through the memorial page I didn't know we had so many classmates pass away. Some were close friends of mine in school. I remember my Great-Grandmother telling me at a young age. "When God calls you home, you have to go because you know you will be in a better place."