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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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20 years

Well it's offically 2005. 20 years ago we were preparing for out final mid-year exams.

Can you believe 20 years ago? There are time my body feels as though it was 50 years ago. There are time were I seem to act like I haven't even graduated yet.

When/where our 20 year reunion is, I have not heard a word yet. I know many of us are anxious to know. I have many things going this year. Believe it or not, my husband had to put in all his vacation requests for this year, last month. Hopefully he guessed right .

What are some of your good memories of our senior year?

Me....the school play..."Brigadoon"...goofing around in the room just off stage where they stored old yearbooks...the practical jokes played on closing night.

Working on the Choir float for the spirit week parade at Stephanie Albrechta's house on Halloween and going trick or treating. Because we heard everyone on hear small country road gave out full size candy bars. My costume..a Ross fan..I had on my school jacket .

Re: 20 years

Let me dig deep into my labotomy hole and see if I remember what I was doing 20 years ago. First I was getting ready for my 18th birthday which by the way I'll be 38 tommorow. I always felt like I was getting less presents at Christmas because my birthday is Jan 5.
Brigadoon, I was stuck up in the light booth with Eric Black working the spotlights. During intermission we would go out the side door by the theater for a cigarette. Mrs. Melle walked out and saw us and got on us but not to hard. What I remember most about it is the wrap party that got crashed and we were all hauling the beer out the back door as the parents come in the front door. And Brenda Brown driving the drunks home(myself included )
After we graduated I don't remember to much other than the parties.
And to think my oldest BillyJack will graduate in 3 years and Quiton and Ashton will graduate in 2023 when I'm 56.

Re: Re: 20 years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great day. I've seen how your weather...worse than mine.