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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Reunion is ON!!

Lori sent me the following today......

"Just spoke with Kelly and we have a meeting this Saturday. Looking at late July or early August. I have already emailed Bob Gillogly and Stacy Heath, to let them know, but get the word out that we need updated addresses ASAP if anyone has moved since the 15th reunion. Yeah!! I am happy to hear that we will all be able to get together! Talk to you later...

Start planning!!

Re: Reunion is ON!!

Ok so where is it going to be And who do we send our updated addresses to? I may be able to attend depending on the exact date but I would have to attend solo because of tenants and so on

Re: Re: Reunion is ON!!

I'm going to say send it to Lori. She is the only contact I have right now.

Re: Reunion is ON!!

Wow - this is great! I didn't know this site existed! Can't wait to check it all out.
But back to topic...would love to help if you all need some. Let me know!