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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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The Popes passing

Though I am not Catholic when I heard about Pope John Paul's passing last Saturday. It brought back a fond memory when he came to New Orleans in '86 or was it '87? There were vendors selling World Tour shirts but instead of Van Halen, Iron Maiden the shirts had a picture of the Pope and Pope JP2 World tour on it I've still got that shirt folded up unworn in my dresser drawer along with the newspapers form the week he was there in a bag. I quess it got to me because we all went through jr and sr high and into adulthood raising our own kids with him.

Re: The Popes passing

I was raised Catholic, somewhat, but I am not a practicing Catholic now. But it was sad. I watched the funeral on tv and was amazed at how many people went to the Pope's funeral. The streets were flooded with people, it was unbelievable, it almost brought me to tears. It struck me then that this man, the Pope, was more of an Icon to the people in this world than anyone else I could think of. Religion is such a powerful thing. That's cool that you have a t-shirt from the Pope's visit to New Orleans, keep it in the bag and we may see you someday on the Antique Road Show with a t-shirt worth thousands :)