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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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did you know that this year will be

Ross and Sandusky's 100th meeting?

I didn't. I found the following posted on a Ross message board...

Possible coverage of game 100 by ESPN2's Cold Pizza program
It is possible that next weeks 100th meeting between The Little Giants and Blue Streaks will be the subject of a story on the ESPN2 morning program "Cold Pizza" that is on from 7-9am weekdays. I have been contacted by someone very close to Jay Crawford who is one of the hosts of the program. Mr. Crawford has ties to Sandusky and has expressed an interest in doing a story on the game. I have spent some time providing facts and information from the Fremont Ross side of the rivalry to them. I know that someone from Sandusky has also done the same from their side as well. While no guarantee has been made that the story will be done I do know that it is being considered. I will update the Forum with any additional information as I get it.