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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Keeping up with the times

I was in Fremont a couple of weekends ago visiting and I see that Ross is putting on an addition with an indoor pool. (info from my mother) It looks as if they are using the front part of the student parking lot and that it is actually seperate from the High School. It's good to see that they are actually adding on to the High school and keeping up with the changing times. Maybe next they will add a student lounge.

Everyone have a Wonderful, Happy and Safe Holiday!

Any info on how the reunion went yet? Any pics?

Wendy (Beeker) Lawwell

Re: Keeping up with the times

Darn they can't fool the visitors anymore. I remember...Junior year I think...Ross hosted a music competition and we music students worked it. We kept saying the next time someone asked were a room was we were going to say.."go down the hall, turn right at the gym, take the elevator to the 2nd floor. You'll see it right next to the pool."

Re: Keeping up with the times

It's only taken them 46 years to start adding on, my Aunt was in the first class that attended Ross and graduated in 62. I was reading in the Fremont paper a few weeks ago on one of my rare days at home off the truck that Ross just added a new computer operated sign out front about 2 weeks ago. I also read something about Harmon stadium getting a name change and a much needed renovation. I do agree Ross has been long over due for additions.