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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Just found this forum accidently. Thought i would start talking. Yes i went to the reunion and will tell about it later as i have no time right now. Just one thing....we all need to find a way to make the 25th reunion a much bigger event. Why do people not show for the reunions???? The excuse of having things to do is a complete copout, unless its an emergency. Let me give everyone a heads up and time to plan.....the 25th reunion is in 2010. That gives everyone 4 years to make sure they find a way to get there.

Re: Hey

Hey Matt.

I was extremely disappointed I was not able to make the reunion. Unfortunately it was the end of July and at the time my husband's job did not grant vacations at the end of the month.

When I heard it was a luau, I was even more bummed. I had received some leis from Jennifer Graefe's family that she had was a business she had in Hawaii. I thought it would have been a touching gesture to have worn them to the would have been like a part of her was with us.

I also think the reunion info came out too late...lots of people plan for summer vacation well in advance. Next time we need earlier planning.

If we start planning and saving now...we should all be able to make it. Just be glad you didn't go to my husband's high school folks. He went to a high school in South Orange County, CA....were kids drove porsche to school. His reunions cost minimum $65 a person. So I guess $40 a couple isn't so bad, huh!