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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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seeing old friends

Hi Everyone,

Last month (July) I was at the Continent here in Columbus. This office/living/shopping area has local bands perform every Thursday night outside. I was doing a girl's night out and some woman taps me on the shoulder and when I turned around I was looking straight into Stacey Ruggiero's face. I knew it was her- she looks the same as she did in high school. She looks great! She was in Columbus visiting her friend, Jen Franks, on her way to Fremont. I rarely see anyone from Fremont here- You think I would see more people from Fremont since Columbus is less than 2 hours away. It was cool to bump into her at a concert- what timing!!
I told her to get on this website more often and chat. She is doing good working for Mesa Airlines.
Stacey and I went to grade school together till 4th grade, then I went to Stamm. It was great to see her.

Wendy (Beeker) Lawwell

Re: seeing old friends

oops- sorry about the sad face- my daughter wanted to do the icons- she clicked on the wrong one

Re: Re: seeing old friends

Yes Stacy was at the last 2 reunions and it was very good to see her. She is a prime example that getting to the reunion is not impossible since she makes the effort to get here from out west.