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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Have you hear this

I was talking with my mom yesterday and she was telling things that are going on in the Fremont City School district.

First...the Superintendent lives in Lorain. So she has no connection to Fremont at all. At least live there...understand the community.

Remember back in 9th grade when the levy failed and those of us who lived with in 2 miles of school or in 9 - 12th grade had to find our own way to buses for us. (Silly since the bus picked up my brother who went to the Jr. High also, however I couldn't get on the bus) Well...last fall the levy didn't pass again so they have done the same thing again. Rumor has it, even if the levy passes this spring, they won't reenstate buses. Fremont is a rural they realize how many kids live wihtin 2 miles of school but it's 2 country miles? It's also a 2 parent working community who gets to be late for work everyday?

There is a rumor floating that they want to move the 9th grade to the high school and unless enrollment is way down, there is no way the 9th grade can fit into the high school. Then they want to move the 6th grade to the jr. high.

Last rumor is that they want to close Washington almu mater. Now they complain that the school in Fremont are crowded...they wanted to redraw district lines but no parent in Fremont wants their kids sent to Lindsey. Do they think Lindsey parents want their kids in Fremont?

I know most of us don't live there anymore and this kind of makes you glad you don't have kids in the district. Yet it makes me sad that they are doing all this.

Any thoughts?

Re: Have you hear this

Yep, it's pretty sad when a state with a tax burden percentage that ranks third highest in the nation (~12.0% of income) can't seem to spend it wisely. To add insult to injury, most Ohio school districts require residents to pay an additional school district tax!