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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Is it dead?

It seems that class participation here has all but died. It this just a lull?

Re: Is it dead?

I have been thinking the same thing. I try to think of things to post or to add to the website, but draw a blank.

I know that there are many of us out there on there on the web. I thought I'd get some hits with my turning 40 post...sadly only Wendy....and you Bill.

Come seasons coming up...what do we think?

Re: Re: Is it dead?

I think the Browns will win the AFC North! As for college ball, I think Ohio State will struggle this year. Unfortunately, it looks like Wisconsin and Michigan will be the two Big Ten powerhouses this season. Anyone disagree?

Re: Is it dead?

I agree about Ohio State. It's a rebuilding year. Every team goes through it every gew years. Sadly I think we will be forced to watch the Buckeyes loose to Michigan...

As for the Browns...sorry but I hope not. I'm a Steelers fan since 1975. They've had their ups and downs but you're not a true fan unless you love 'em through the ups and downs. With 5 Super Bowls wins............

Re: Re: Re: Is it dead?

I agree with the Michigan & Wisconsin part. They will be the two challengers for the Big 10 title. However, that being said, I think we take away credit from Jim Trussel by assuming automatically that OSU will strugge. My guess is a 10-2 or 9-3 year. Being out here in USC territory, I see first hand the power of a great coach. I can't stand USC, but I have to give kudos to Pete Carroll. He has proved, as I believe Jim will, that a great coach will keep his team in the running, even during rebuilding years.