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Fremont Ross Class of 1985

Fremont Ross Class of 1985
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Did you know???

Apparently Fremont schools have moved the Freshmen to the High School. My parents did mention this to me at all. Wow! What a change for the schools. I think it's been that way for a llllooonnnggg time..freshmen at the Jr. High. And wow what a shock and let down to them. Here they waited to be top dogs at the school and that never happened..they are low on the pole again for 3 more years...poor kids.

Here's the article from the Messenger:

Welcome, freshmen
Students used first day to get used to new building
Staff writer

FREMONT -- Fremont Ross' new principal barked out warnings to the school's newest students early Tuesday morning, letting them know exactly how much time they had to find their classes.

As a pair of migrant students asked for directions to their class shortly after the first bell rang, principal Jose Hernandez pointed out their route while speaking to the students in Spanish. In all, about 750 students would be tracking down their lockers and classrooms for the remainder of the day, which began this school year for freshmen and sophomores at the Ross.

For the first time, ninth-graders will be taking classes at the high school instead of the middle school. Previously, ninth-graders attended Fremont Middle School, but district officials decided to move them to the high school after several new classrooms were provided by the Fremont Area Foundation last year. Students said they were excited by the change, but noted they were still trying to adjust to their new surroundings.

"We're more separated, and the rooms are more difficult to find," student Jayln Cook said after a second-period class.
To make the process easier on the students, juniors and seniors will not start classes until today, eliminating some of the crowd and providing more time for the younger students to get around.

"The whole day is set around trying to get them prepared for school," Hernandez said.

Overall, the first day was designed to create as little stress as possible for the building's newest students, Hernandez said. No homework was supposed to be assigned, and students spent most of the day learning the layout of the building and meeting their classmates. Hernandez said classes throughout the school had similar lesson plans Tuesday.

In some classes, students learned the district's code of conduct. In others, the teachers focused of study skills. In another class, students were told what clubs and activities are available in the district. In another class, students were told about time management skills and how to make good decisions early in their high school career.

Teachers and staff weren't the only ones helping new students find their way Tuesday. Although he wasn't scheduled to start school until Wednesday, senior Deondray Brown volunteered his time Tuesday to show younger students around the building. Brown said Hernandez had asked him to volunteer as a way to be a role model for the freshmen and sophomores.

Most of the classes were simple, designed to introduce the students to their teachers and the building. In Jodi Kusmer's class, made up of both freshmen and sophomores, students were paired up and asked to learn a few facts about their classmates. They also received a brief tutorial about the school planners that were provided to each student, including important dates throughout the school year and where to find hall passes.

Kusmer also provided a sheet of paper to each student, asking them to cross out time for classes and extracurricular activities. The remaining time, she said, can be used to study or to try to get school projects done early. The task was designed to teach time management skills.

"You guys are high school students now," Kusmer said. "You are earning credits now."