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Sonny at Jazzfest and on YouTube

Sonny set at Jazzfest was an instrumental wonder. While there were many veteran Sonny fans there, the crowd also had many "Sonny virgins" who were blown away by his virtosity.

I was wearing my favorite Sonny shirt - the one designed by Megan Berra and as I did my Jazzfest nomadic drop ins to other shows, People came up to me and wanted to talk about how great Sonny was today.

Saw him at the autograph tent and asked him about an unplugged acoustic album coming up and he said it was definitely in the works - more to look forward to!

I also browsed for him on YouTube and there's a treasure chest worth of clips of Sonny playing. If you haven't seen them - GEAUX RIGHT NOW!!!

Another Jazzfest note - Saw the Avett Brothers and loved them.

I will see Sonny at the new Mid City Lanes next weekend. Should be a treat!

Re: Sonny at Jazzfest and on YouTube

Sounds like a GREAT time, wish I was there
You'll have to let us know what you think of the new Rock n' Bowl. I must say I'm going to miss that old rock n' bowl though... I'm sure the new place is going to be great and have much better acoustics and be a lot better on the guys luggin' in the stuff for the shows but there is something to be said for the vibe in that old place... my next trip to New Orleans just wont quite feel the same now that the Rock n' Bowl has moved... anyway, let us know what you think and how that show is. Have a great time Bill!


Re: Sonny at Jazzfest and on YouTube

Personally, I liked the new Rock n Bowl. The layout is almost exactly like the old place (except for the rest rooms are at the back now, so you don't have to squeeze around the edge of the stage to get there). I thought they managed to carry the old vibe over there successfully. I guess we'll see how it develops. Having John Blancher up there on stage doing the hoochie-coochie with no shirt on made it all looks pretty familiar.

Bill, were you the tall dark guy in the white hat with neck flaps and the original blue peacock Sonny shirt standing near me at the Jazz Fest set?

Re: Sonny at Jazzfest and on YouTube

If I was dancing non-stop, then that was me :O)

I'm looking forward to closing out Jazzfest at the new Rock 'n' Bowl with Sonny and Tab Benoit.

Here are some of the great Jazzfest sets I saw [besides Sonny] - Avett Brothers, Rockin' Dopsie, Tab Benoit, the New Era Brass Band, Pete Seeger,Mahogony Brass Band, Rebirth wKermit Ruffins, Dwayne Dopsie, Johnny Winter, Earth,Wind and Fire, Chubby Carrier, Bobby Lounge, John Mayall, Sons of Leon, Kermit Ruffins, The Meter Men, Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials, Bonnie Raitt, John Scofield, Patty Griffin, the Iguanas, and the Dirty DozenRebirth reunion to name a few. I caught a song or two of several other bands also.

But the best show of all, the one that totally blew me away was Rosie Ledet. She started her set at full speed and never let up,- what a soulful, sensuous performer! She's among the top five non-Sonny sets that I've ever seen at Jazzfest.

Re: Sonny at Jazzfest and on YouTube - New Rock 'n' Bowl

While I miss the old place, the new Rock 'n' Bowl will work just fine.
The place was packed when Tab and Sonny were there, but with a smaller act and a smaller crowd, it could seem like a "tavern in the cavern." Either way, I'm looking forward to going to many more shows there.