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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board

Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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video links

Just thought I'd pass on a couple of video links that were sent to me from Holger and Neil. These are from two of the shows in Europe in May... one at The Blues Garage courtesy of Holger, the other The Borderline courtesy of Neil. I don't post these on my site but I figure I'll post them for you here on the message board if you'd like to look at them. I want to talk with Sonny re: all this Youtube stuff and find out where he stands with it. I see he has a video on his site too but it may have been done with her permission.

Also, be on the look out for lots of photos to start popping up in the "Sonny photos" page as I have a bunch of photo submissions to start posting and I hope to do that this Summer!

Take care all,

Re: video links