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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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Sonny radio show!

Sonny will be on the BBC next Monday the 13th at 7 pm London time (2 pm EST, etc.):

Check it out!

Re: Sonny radio show!

Hi If anyone out there managed to record sonny's interview and performance on the Paul Jones show last Monday would it be possible to obtain a copy from you.

Many thanks


Re: Sonny radio show!

Hey--I think you can still hear it on the radiow stations thru Sunday! Go check it out.

Re: Sonny radio interview link

If this works, here's the link to the full interview:-
plus I think the recording of Groovy Goddess is till available to hear although the other EIGHT tracks they laid down in the session aren't online...

And thanks to JazzCat for pointing me here. (This site I did manage to get access to!)