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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board

Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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Sonny in East Coast

Hi, all.
I've been been waiting Sonny come to Japan,
but I finally decided move myself to see him.

Not having a car, I'm planing to see
him in NY, Feb 2010. I may step to Virginia, too.
Now I'm searching public transportations in Virginia.

Then, if there are someone who goes to see Sonny
in those venues, and if I could have some talk with
you, I'm very happy. Because, it would be better than seeing him alone in silence and adoring, which is not bad, of course.

Thank you for reading. If this message is annoying, please delete this. I hope this great site keep slidin' on.

Masaki Sato

Re: Sonny in East Coast

Hello Masaki,

There are many Sonny fans that I'm sure you will find at the show you will be going to, perhaps even some selling merchandise that would be very happy to talk with you. Sonny's fans are usually very approachable and love to meet others who are new to his music or just new to them. Have a GREAT time!

I'm glad you enjoy my website, I've had it for many years and even though I haven't been as active with the updates lately, I have no plans of taking it down. Hopefully in the next couple of months you will see a lot of new photos up on the photos page and maybe some other things as well as time and circumstances permit.
Take care and welcome!

Re: Sonny in East Coast

Hello Genny, thank you very much
for giving me a comment, and keeping this website.
and I'm really sorry for being late to respond.

As you said, I was already given some helpful
and kind contact from a member Sonny Krewe.
It'll be very nice to share his performance
with his fans.

Thank you very much.