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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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Mississippi Blues?

I noticed this morning that is offering a Sonny CD I have never seen before called "Mississippi Blues". The record label is called "Fuel 2000" - yikes.

Anybody know what this is, or has seen a track listing? The one guy who reviewed it on amazon gave it a thumbs down. I'm guessing maybe it's a rehash of Prodigal Son or Crazy Cajun stuff. But if not, it's hard to imagine that any Sonny "acoustic meanderings" I've never heard before would not be worth $12.98. Anybody know anything about this?


Re: Mississippi Blues?

Hey Jim! You're exactly right. It'a a reissue of Crazy Cajun with a new cover. (Well, new cover but OLD photo--it was taken in the early 90s for Outward Bound. I bought the press kit on E-bay... When I got it autographed, Sonny said the photgrapher loaned him the jacket. It's got fancy embroidery a la those Flying Burrito Bros threads.) There's a nice 2-page recap of Sonny's musical history inside, but other than those 2 features (notes & cover), no changes to the tunes.