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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board

Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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Frederick Show

Your playing is superb BUT I was extremely disappointed in your show at the Weinberg Theater in Frederick. The sound was so LOUD that is was impossible to hear your talent. LOUD is not quality. We had to leave as our ears were ringing - The Campbell Brothers sound was no better. You can't hear the quality of your guitar over a lap and pedal steel at 110% boost. The drummer was great. I love your c/d's but likely will never attend another live show unless there is a commitment to have a change in your sound personnel. My hearing is of value to me.

Re: Frederick Show

Hey Roy! I was there too...Sorry you had to leave. Just a note that Sonny doesn't travel with a sound tech, so they have to depend on the skill of the venue staff--which can vary quite a bit--as well as the acoustics of the hall. But regardless of the sound issues, he does play loud in person! We wear our fancy earplugs so we can still hear all the notes. He'll be at the Birchmere on May 29th if you want to give it another shot...