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Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board

Broken Hearted Road Message/Discussion Board
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What the heck???

I don't recognize anything about the post immediately preceding this one except that I wouldn't open it on a BET!! Genny, I've suspected for a while that your website was being targeted but never had the crash to prove it, thank goodness. I run anti-virus cleanups all the time and would highly recommend the same for Sonny fans who go searching in odd places. Best wishes to all after a loooong winter of waiting for that promised album! Jackie

Re: What the heck???

Hi Jackie,

I fear that while I was away, my message board subscription expired so a host of meanies have crept in to invade it. I have a week off of some of my school work (not all) and just finished a HUGE research project so I can breath for a week (though I still am working full time... LOL.. yep, I'm crazy! Anyway, I have to decide what I'm going to do with my message board. I spend close to 300.00 a year to keep my site up and running, I'm thinking of looking into another option for the message board, just need the time... sorry about the mess...