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Old Canarsie

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Old Canarsie
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Thanks for taking the time to document so much Canarsie history. My mom grew up on 95th street near Avenue N in the 1920s-1940s, in a small house her parents built. Her dad was manager of the A & P until he lost his job during the depression, then he worked at Bohack for several years until he lost that job too--in both cases he was let go so he could be replaced with someone at a lower salary. Mom and her brother and sister attended PS 115. So exciting to see these and many other places she talked about mentioned on your website! At that time the neighborhood had many vacant lots and open spaces. The area was low-lying and marshy, and at some point in the 1920s or early 1930s the streets were raised, according to my mom, as much as ten or fifteen feet (although maybe it just seemed that high to her at the time). All the houses had to be raised up on stilts so new basements could be built under them, an expensive undertaking. Some of the vacant lots were left at the old level, making the neighborhood oddly hilly.