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Welcome to the Four Winds Collection New Message Forum. We represent four US based foundries that make high quality reproduction bronze sculptures, limited edition, and original pieces of work. We have many early and historical photographs available and are always buying pre-1920's photographs. We also have a very large collection of Richard Stone Reeves equine limited edition prints available for sale. Remember to visit our home page. Thank you the Four Winds Collection. Please do not post "For Sale Ads" in the Message Forum. Use the classified ads.

Four Winds Collection Message Forum
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antique remington bronze dating

Hello out there-
I bought a reproduction of Frederic Remington's the Mountain Man at an estate sale, and I'm having a bit of difficulty dating and valuing it. The sculpture is definitely made from high quality bronze with a high proportion of copper which is now turning green in the crevices and where the gun has broken off (obviously affecting value). The sculpture also shows a significant amount of wear, obscuring some details on the pelts in back and wearing through the copper patina on his back, head, and legs. I'm not sure how much time this type of wear would take to occur. The base also has screws that themselves have at least 50 years of life. I know it is not an original because I looked for the foundry codes, etc.

Does anyone out there have a sense for sculptures enough to help me with this little information (or would be willing to email me with more questions)?? I'm not sure if the "antique" quality of the sculpture will over-ride the damage that it has sustained, but, of course, I know enough not to touch it.

Thanks either way!!!