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Welcome to the Four Winds Collection New Message Forum. We represent four US based foundries that make high quality reproduction bronze sculptures, limited edition, and original pieces of work. We have many early and historical photographs available and are always buying pre-1920's photographs. We also have a very large collection of Richard Stone Reeves equine limited edition prints available for sale. Remember to visit our home page. Thank you the Four Winds Collection. Please do not post "For Sale Ads" in the Message Forum. Use the classified ads.

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Re: remington broncho buster

A number of groups, organizations, and museums have issued copies/reproductions of Frederic Remington's works using a limited edition numbering. The small version of the Bronco Buster was around 23 inches plus without a base. Since your copy is smaller I have to assume that another artist copied the Remington piece to make a new mold to produce the copies. Since you did not mention anything about any documentation describing who produced the piece I have no idea of the quality of your piece. It could be anything from a cheap import with the limited edition numbering all the way to a issue produced by a well know foundry for a museum. Value could be from $400 up to $1000.

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we have a 22" high broncho buster bronze sculpture by remington on a stone base sculpture is stamped founders authorized edition number 31 of 100. what is the origin of this, value etc?