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Hello everybody and welcome to my forum! :-) A visitor signing my guestbook suggested I should get one so here it is. You are all welcome to post your lists of video tapes of tv shows on UFOs and the paranormal and whatever else you would like to discuss concerning this subject. This is just a trial run to see if anyone at all is interested. If people start using this message board regularly I will subscribe to this Bravenet service and get rid of the ads and stuff. Looking forward to hearing from you all! :-)

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I was wondering, I've noticed that you have several episodes of the hit show Sightings on you VHS list... Could it be possible for you to put them all on the same VHS tape or better yet, a DVD? A DVD compilation of Sightings would be awesome and I know several people at IMDB.COM that would live the idea as well... Let me know what you thing about the idea...

Re: Sightings

Thanks for your interest in my site! :-) I have around eighty episodes of sightings recorded. The idea of putting them all in a compilation on VHS or DVD seems good at first but unfortunately not practical because of several problems:

1. The quality is very variable, and especially the ones recorded in LP are very questionable.
2. They are all recorded in PAL and would have to be converted to play on NTSC equipment.
3. They are recorded from many different sources with different logos.
4. Many have subtitles in different languages.
5. Some have commercials included, some have not.

The best way to get Sightings on DVD would be to petition the producers or voting for it on sites such as and the like. You might also try and for better recordings. Good luck! :-)

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