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  • Wear a helmet. Despite recent advances in medical science, brains still cannot be mended nor replaced.
  • Wear gloves or mitts. Hands often hit the ground first. Cuts and grazes invite infection and a hospital visit.
  • Wear eye protection, it only takes a twig or thorn to lose an eye. Crud catchers are a good idea in mucky weather.
  • When downhilling, for your own protection, allow plenty of space behind the rider in front.
  • Bring a bare minimum emergency tool kit and a spare inner tube.
  • Breakdowns are a bore. Plan not to have any by ensuring your bike is in perfect working order.
  • Punctures are also tedious. You can minimise them by fitting latex tubes, slime tubes or running tubeless tyres.

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Thieving bastarX!!!

Hi all,

I wondered whether anyone had any recommendations for a bike priced around £1200 preferably full susp but not limited too? My boardman was stolen this afternoon from outside Nuffield Health off Cromwell Road. I see the whole thing from a distance but by the time I managed to get near the thieving bastard was on his way on my bike!

Lesson learnt from today...don't trust a suspicious looking bugger wearing a hoody when it's not raining!

Needless to say that unless there are any good Samaritans out there who would be kind enough to lend me a bike for our rides, then I won't be out for a while until I've agreed settlement with the insurance company.

I would like to come to the Xmas dinner so please put me down as a definite and I will update the appropriate thread with my food choice.

Hope to see you all soon

Boardmanless Steve

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Hi Steve. That sucks. Keep an eye on Gumtree! I have a 20"hardtail you can useif you want (if I'm in the country...)

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

....also recommend getting a tatty old town bike for leaving unattended.

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Hi Tony,

That's good advice and I've learnt my lesson I think.

That's sounds great re your hardtail. Maybe I could borrow it Tue or Thursday this week? Where do you live? Maybe I could arrange to collect beforehand?

My mobile is 07540 105146. Drop me a txt when convenient or post your details here and I'll drop you a line.



Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

oh mate sorry to here that!!!

wish I could help out but cant at mo!

did you register the frame number with the police?
I had bike stolen and they found it through that.

also go to the police station and ask when and were there auctions are. you'll pick up a cheap bike there. very cheap!!!

also keep an eye on eBay and gum tree the thieving @?)(*&^%$£ usually try selling on there. good thing is you have the straight fork witch is unusual.

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

i feel your pain, some thieving ba*%arD had a go at my commuter bike while it was locked up in Park Street Car park a couple of months back.
******early warning incase you ride to the christmas party*******
ok, my commuter bike is a Cannondale with Fox Forks, so as much my fault, but still!!!!
make sure you town bike is a £45 special, from the side of the road, and well locked up.

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Sorry to hear that Steve. As the others have said, look on Gumtree, when I was selling my last MTB I had several people want to swap for something better, than I was selling, obviously trying to fence stolen goods.

I take it that it was locked ? I have heard that a single lock is easy to break, they just pick up the bike and rotate it several times, the lock gets tighter and tighter until it breaks.

I am shocked how many people come to the pub on a Tuesday or Thursday with no locks

Anyway, enough of the rant, sorry Steve I only have the one MTB now. Hope to see you out there and I hope you get it back !

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Bad shit. Unfortunately one bike does all is a tall order in Cambridge. If you want to borrow something on a collect, ride, return basis I could probably help or if you want I could help and advise on what is good, especially in the second hand world of eBay.... There Really are some great buys to be had!
My tel. No. Is on the contact list (hopefully this time!), gis a ring, it's a bummer but not the end of the world
Can also advise on a (scrote can't break this bugger) lock.

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Bugger - cheeky B***stards! Maybe you need another Boardman, or you will have to change your name?

Re: Thieving bastarX!!!

Hi All,

Thanks for all your advice and commiserations.

Donkon, can I take you up on your offer re eBay bike advice. I'm watching some items right now and would like to send you some links. What's your email?