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  • Wear a helmet. Despite recent advances in medical science, brains still cannot be mended nor replaced.
  • Wear gloves or mitts. Hands often hit the ground first. Cuts and grazes invite infection and a hospital visit.
  • Wear eye protection, it only takes a twig or thorn to lose an eye. Crud catchers are a good idea in mucky weather.
  • When downhilling, for your own protection, allow plenty of space behind the rider in front.
  • Bring a bare minimum emergency tool kit and a spare inner tube.
  • Breakdowns are a bore. Plan not to have any by ensuring your bike is in perfect working order.
  • Punctures are also tedious. You can minimise them by fitting latex tubes, slime tubes or running tubeless tyres.

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Hedge Porn

Apologies to those of you with a prudish disposition but I wanted to share my news...

This morning, for the first time in many years, I came across some hedge porn.
If you haven't been a MTBer for long, you may not be familiar with what it is (feel free to ask one of the 'senior' riders in the group), but it took me right back to the early days of off-road riding...

You catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of something in the verge; was that... what... I think... it was?

Do you turn round and go back?

Do you carry on riding?

Ah, nobody else is around. What harm can it do?

The excitement, swiftly followed by guilt and disgust, merely at just picking it up...

Anyway, it's in the bin at the bottom of the Roman Road at Worsted Lodge if anyone's interested.

And no, I didn't, before you ask!

Might see you later if it's not raining.


PS this has been somewhat exaggerated for dramatic effect, but is mostly based on true events

Re: Hedge Porn

I think Paul Stafford remembers hedge porn with fond memories of Long Drove in Cottenham. I also recall Eco reminiscing about a well known "porn-hollow".

I caught the tail end of the scene in the 90s - started to fade out after broadband came around.

Maybe the rise of big brother will trigger a revival?

Re: Hedge Porn

It looked to be quite a recently discarded stash, and the most significant thing I noted was the inferior quality of the paper it was printed on compared to the old days.

The subjects appeared to be the same...

Re: Hedge Porn

Takes me back to my early teens when hedge porn was still abundant and you could easily partake in reading practice whilst chain smoking B & H, 20 dunhill from the 50p fag machine from the lobby at The Royal Oak....waiting for the guy to serve the fuel at Welches petrol station at Foxton so we could sneak in and get our 50P fix whilst Ram Jams Black Betty spurted from the a.m. radio as we wondered if he'd seen us.
ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh life was soooooooo much easier then