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Welcome thirsty surfers! This forum is intended for cOol cats, hiP bartenders, tOtally rad surfer dudes, beer chuggin' bArflies, extraOrdinary servers, wacKy wannabe's, and all others interested in the marTini-drinking, shot-shoOting, jeTset, poP culture, fun-lOving, goOd-time, cocktail world. Jump right in. The water is fine.

Miss Charming's Bar & Cocktail Forum
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Drink ideas

I have recently began managing a sports bar here in Orlando. I have been given the daunting task of putting together a drink list of about 10-12 drinks that will be our specialty drinks. The overall ambiance of the bar a more upscale sports bar. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Drink ideas

Hi Chris,
Where in Orlando? Also, it's hard for people to help you for free without knowing what products and ingredients are available. Do you have the choices online somewhere?