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Welcome thirsty surfers! This forum is intended for cOol cats, hiP bartenders, tOtally rad surfer dudes, beer chuggin' bArflies, extraOrdinary servers, wacKy wannabe's, and all others interested in the marTini-drinking, shot-shoOting, jeTset, poP culture, fun-lOving, goOd-time, cocktail world. Jump right in. The water is fine.

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OK so here is my story. I have been working in upper management at law firm for about 10 years and have just quit. I decided my job just didn't fit the lifestyle that I want to lead. "I have always wanted to be a bartender" (so cliche, I know) and feel that my personality and appearance would fit perfect in the bartending world. I have always been told I missed my calling. I have waitressed in the past and found that I truely enjoy customer interaction. So with all that and many other attributes I am desparate to get my next career going....BARTENDING! I will be relocating to Dallas, Texas in about a week and would like to get my foot in the door any way possible. Can anyone suggest anything? I'm afraid my resume leaves something for a bar manager to my work experience over the last 12 years is more business and accounting oriented. ANY SUGGESTIONS OR ADVICE IS APPRECIATED!!!

Re: Help!

this is an old thread & I'm sure Gina has already changed her mind about the subject! (LOL) But maybe someone else will read this & be able to use some of my info.

The Hospitality Industry can be the most fun you'll ever have...AND...the hardest job you could imagine too. Unless you have "The Knack" it's probably best suited to those with youth on their side. Long hours on busy shifts means alot of standing & running. The stress can be hard on a body. The responsibility of serving alcohol (legally and morally) can weigh heavily too. I'm not saying it's too late to get into the game say after 30...but it could be a bit more challenging.

Also, remember this: It's a profession that deserves respect by all. I worry that Gina had already quit her employment & decided to "pursue her dream" of bartending. She's going at it bass akwards IMHO.

1) There are so many variables here it's hard to know where to start. My first suggestion is NOT to go to bartending school. I believe it's a waste of your time & money. I've hired grads in the past & been VERY dissapointed. There's a general attitiude I've percieved that "I just graduated so I know everything I need to know already." BOGUS!

2) It can be very hard to get a job in the hospitality industry with zero experience. The good jobs at the good places where you can make good tips are usually held by those that have good qualifications. I have bartenders making $12 & higher an hour that can walk away from an 8 to 10 hour shift with $250 or MORE in tips daily. Now...they are the most experienced and there's only 2 of them covering the entire place but this happens in the middle of the week...not the weekends.

3) Yer gonna have to start at the bottom no matter where you go & work your way up. Even if you were lucky & found someone to hire you sans could still take you 6 months or more to gain enough cred to allow you to sally forth on another job hunting expedition. Also...DO NOT let a prospective employer know you are only temporary or that you have long term goals that may not include'll never get hired.

4) Become a well behaved regular at a place you could see yourself working at & get the inside scoop. (this may also take some time)

5) Honesty & Integrity.

This is just a couple of suggestions. Please, anyone else think I'm full of it...respond!