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Aftermath of Wright's win sets up tag-team battle

CROSSROADS -- Saturday night's Brawl on the Ballfield set up some exciting action this Saturday night as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returns to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory this weekend

Bell time is 8:15 p.m. Saturday.
The Crossroad Ruritan Club and We Care of Franklin County hosted the outdoor card and the aftermath of one particular encounter has direct ramifications for the main event at the armory.

Jamie Wright defeated Private Robbie Lynn when Col. Spud Wade, Lynn's tag-team partner, interfered in the match. Wade and Lynn continued their attack after the referee called for the bell and Wright's tag partner, Big Yella, came to the ring for the save.
"You guys aren't so bad when the fight is even. If you guys aren't scared, why don't you put up your tag belts at the Armory against the "Ebony Express," Yella said as Wade and Lynn retreated from the ring.
Yella and Wright have been given a title match.
"Those punks do not deserve a title shot. They have not wrestled as a team in months, Wade said

"Wade also had to defend his Television championship against "American Made" Scott Weddle.
Weddle secured the pin when Wade went to throw Weddle into Lynn, who was on the outside of the ring.
Weddle reversed the move and Wade and Lynn collided.
A dazed Wade was rolled up and Weddle captured the victory. Weddle thought he had became the new TV champion. When referee Ric Petty went to award the belt to Weddle, he asked ring announcer and time keeper The Flo at what time did he win the match.
The Flo responded 17:30 and a dejected Petty went and retrieved the belt from Weddle and returned it to Wade.
"To capture the TV championship, Weddle had to win in the first 15 minutes of the match. Since Weddle scored the pin at 17:30, he gets the victory, but not the belt," The Flo told those in attendance.

"The Legendary Eclipso defeated Hillbilly Helbert with a clothesline. Typically, Helbert would recover from such a basic wrestling move, but while Helbert and referee Petty were distracted by The Masked Mauler, who was at ringside, Eclipso adjusted an elbow pad and inserted a foreign object into the pad.
When Eclipso connected with the clothesline, Helbert was "knocked out" cold and Eclipso secured the pin.
"That sorry Mauler cost me a big win against Eclipso and I want to show him a good old Franklin County butt whoopin," Helbert said. Helbert will get his chance this weekend in a special demand match against the Mauler.

"In the main event, the Masked Mauler and Eddie Loco took on Big Yella and Sgt. Jim Nelson in a grudge match. This match featured four heavyweights in the ring with a lot brawling.
Yella and Nelson gained the victory when Nelson distracted The Mauler allowing Yella to spear Loco for the win. Later in the dressing room, a furious Masked Mauler issued a $10,000 bounty on the head of Nelson with whom he has had a running feud.
Big Ken Steel will attempt to collect the money this Saturday when he and Nelson face off.

"Foxy Roxy defeated ACW newcomer Knight Rider with a frog splash.

Advance tickets Saturday's event are available at Jones' Produce, Pizza King, and Misty Mountain Wares for $6.
Tickets at the door are $8 for adults, youth 12 and younger $6. Pre-school age children are admitted free of charge.

Saturday's card will be a topic of discussion on tonight's ACW Radio show on WYTI 1570 AM at 7:30.