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'The Ebony Express' wins tag-team gold

Wright and Big Yella take belts from Wade and Lynn.

Jamie Wright and Big Yella finally captured championship gold when "The Ebony Express" captured the Universal Tag-Team championship Saturday night as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory.
Wright had been in search of the Universal Heavyweight championship from current champion "The Legendary" Eclipso, who played a major role in Wright and Yella capturing the belts. The action was fast and furious the whole match.
Champions Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynn had just gained the upper hand when Eclipso and his manager, Douglas J. Wentworth, arrived at ringside.
Wade had Wright in his finishing move, the Spud Cutter, for an apparent three count. However, referee Ric Petty was intentionally distracted by Eclipso and Wentworth on the ring apron.
Wade went over to ask Eclipso why he was distracting the referee allowing Wright to get to his feet. Wade turned towards Wright and caught "The Wright Stuff," a super kick that landed Wade square on Wade's chin.
Wright quickly went for the pin. Wade's partner Lynn tried to use his one save, but Eclipso caught him by the foot and Lynn was too late to save his partner.
"It feels real good to tag with Jamie and capture these belts. I want everyone to know that we are not closet champions and we will be taking on all comers," Yella said after the match.
"I don't know what is going on between Wade and Eclipso, but I like it. It feels great to finally be a champ," Wright said.

After the match, Eclipso and Wentworth continued to have words with Wade and Lynn. "Wade has stepped into the business of "The Unholy Alliance" and it cost him. One word to the new champs -- we gave you those belts and we can take them back," Eclipso said afterwards.
All of the issues with Wade and Eclipso seemed to start earlier in the evening when Wade and Lynn were at ringside during a matchup between Eclipso and Ace England. England, who had not won a match in over six months, scored a count-out victory over Eclipso when Wade and Eclipso argued on the outside of the ring.
To further add insult to injury, Lynn chopped blocked Eclipso in his injured knee causing the champ to fall to the ground in tremendous pain. "I do not have any issues with Eclipso, but if he sticks his nose in our business, we will take him out," Wade said.

"In other action, Ken Steel failed to collect the $10,000- bounty placed on the head of Sgt. Jim Nelson when Nelson rolled up Steel for the pin.
Both Steel and manager Wentworth complained to the referee that Nelson held Steel's tights for leverage.

""American Made" Scott Weddle and Foxy Roxy defeated Scott Lee and Shawn Cruz by pinfall with a double splash off the top rope. After the match, Wade and Lynn attacked the former tag team champions with particular focus on Weddle's neck. After Yella and Wright came to Foxy and Weddle's rescue, Weddle had trouble moving his neck and reportedly went to the hospital for a MRI.
It is uncertain how long Weddle will be out of action.

"Hillbilly Helbert not only defeated the Mask Mauler by count out, but did something that had never been done; remove the Mauler's mask. The unmasked Mauler quickly covered his face with a towel from Eddie Loco who was at ringside to still keep his identity a secret.

"Eddie Loco pinned the Knight Rider when Loco delivered a "loaded boot" to his head.

ACW, sponsored by We Care of Franklin County, returns to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory, Sept. 12 with an 8:15 p.m. bell time.
Advanced tickets are on sale at Jones Produce, Misty Mountain Wares, and Pizza King in Rocky Mount.