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Update on web-site and ION TV

We are sorry to the fans of ACW, since takin the month of July to give the guys a well deserved rest, and working on the TV deal with ION Network we have let the web-site fall to the side, we have updated the matches and results below, and will start updating the rest of the site soon, again we are sorry.
At this time we did have TV crew at Crossroads Event to get the feel of things and do some taping with the demo tape to be done on Aug. 15, in Rocky Mt., however it seems our "partners" Blue Ridge Media has dropped the ball, and the TV crew didn't show, we have received a email from them stating ...

There appears to be some misunderstanding about the current status of the ACW project. Here is the straight dope:
After failing to secure a substitute video crew for the pilot taping on Saturday, August 15, this project is on indefinite hiatus. The contract with ION that was to start in November has been cancelled and there are no plans to renegotiate at this time. Missing the 8/15 taping interfered with too many deadlines for the project to continue. I understand that there may be some private work going on for the pilot, but that is not necessary at this time and certainly cannot be compensated. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to everyone who worked so hard and diligently on this effort. I certainly hope that we can work together at some point in the future.

Best regards,

It seems they didn't have the sponsors on board and at least one member just could not get along with the others, ACW and Sandy Scott are VERY unhappy with this answer and are looking into the matter to see what action can be taken.

If you would like to keep up with updates on your own go to:
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Thank you,
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