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Title bout headlines Powers Memorial

We Care of Franklin County presents American Championship Wrestling (ACW) Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory.
Bell time is 8:15.

The event is billed as the Joe Powers Memorial with the card full of retro matches.
Wrestlers in ACW use this time each year to honor the late Powers, who use to be a main competitor in the organization.

In the main event, Team USA, comprised of Scott Weddle and Foxy Roxy, will take on the newly-crowned tag team champions The Ebony Express, Jamie Wright and Big Yella. Wright and Yella said they were a little surprised at the challenge from the No. 1 contenders.
(Weddle and Roxy) are good friends of ours, but we understand it is a business. We are not closet champions like past teams. We are not afraid of anyone,' Big Yella said in between training sessions recently.
One team that is furious at the ACW commissioner for declaring Team USA as number one contenders are The Bad Dogs -- Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynn -- who were defeated last month for the titles.
"I don't understand how Weddle and Roxy got a title shot before we did. We have a return clause in the contract and for some reason it was not upheld,' Wade said.
"Pvt. Lynn has been doing extra push-ups for costing us the belts in the first place. We should be in that main event," Wade said.

Also, Wade has an issue with ring announcer The Flo.
Wade said The Flo, showed disrespect to him at the last event by dropping his championship belt before his match and throwing his ring attire out of the ring.
"If that pencil-neck geek ever drops my stuff again I will break him in half," Wade said.

"I am not a competitor in ACW and have no beef with the Colonel. If he lays a hand on me, he will be hearing from my lawyer,' The Flo said in response to Wade's threat.

In another match, Ken Steel will take on Sgt. Jim Nelson in a Last Man Standing match. Steel failed to collect on the $10,000 bounty placed on Nelson last month. "I had that money in my hands until Nelson cheated and won the match. Last time it was strictly business. This time it will be my pleasure to knock Nelson out," Steel said.

In a special demand match, Eddie Loco and The Masked Mauler are challenging Hillbilly Helbert to a tag team showdown. Helbert has recruited ACW legend Rolling Thunder to be his partner. The masked duo wants revenge on Helbert for removing Mauler's mask during the last show.

Also scheduled to appear are Universal Heavyweight Champion The Legendary Eclipso with Douglas J. Wentworth III Esq., Wade, Lynn, Ace England and Scott Lee

Advance tickets for $6 are on sale at Jones Produce, Pizza King, and Misty Mountain Wares. Tickets at the door are $8 for adults and $6 for youth age 12 and younger. Pre-school age children are admitted free of charge.