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ACW "The People's Words"
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Post-match drama sets up a new confrontation

The Ebony Express retained the Universal Tag Team championship with the help of a loophole in the signed contract as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to the National Guard Saturday night.
The loophole was pointed out by Universal Heavyweight Champion The Legendary Eclipso as Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynn celebrated a victory over the titleholders.
This was not the first confrontation Wade and Eclipso had during the event.
In the match, both teams had moments of greatness, hitting their signature moves but neither team could secure a pin.
Out of frustration, Lynn finally grabbed Wade's army belt and struck Wright in the head while referee Ric Petty was distracted.
Then, Wade went for the cover and it appeared the former champions had recaptured the belts.
As Wade and Lynn were celebrating, Eclipso made his way to the ring to inform the new champs of some bad news.
"Since the contract was for Scott Weddle and Foxy Roxy for the belts, this match was not for the championship," Eclipso told Petty.
Ring announcer The Flo, who had already announced Wade and Lynn the victors, was informed by Petty to announce Wade and Lynn the winners, but not the champions.
An enraged Wade confronted Flo in the corner of the ring and demanded Flo to reverse the decision.
Wade was getting ready to strike Flo when Eclipso confronted Wade.
"Hey Wade, why don't you come over here and pick on someone your own size? Never mind, I will come to you," Eclipso said. Eclipso charged the ring and Wade quickly retreated.
Later, Wade challenged Eclipso to a tag-team match on Oct. 3. Eclipso said he had a partner in mind and would accept the challenge.

However, Wade quickly interrupted him.
"Wait a minute. Since I am challenging you, I get to pick your partner. I pick....... The Flo. He has been in my business too much lately and I want to get him in the ring," Wade said. Flo quickly entered the ring and wanted nothing to do with a match with Wade.
"I am not a wrestler in ACW and I am not going to be in the match, "Flo said. Eclipso and Wade both were trying to convince Flo to take the match without much success. Finally, Wade decided to convince Flo the hard way by kicking him in the stomach and throwing him to the mat.
"After what you just did to me, I'll take the match,' Flo said.
This sets up the main event for the Oct. 3 show:Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynnversus Eclipso and The Flo.

"In Saturday's main event, Sgt. Jim Nelson defeated Ken Steel in the Last Man Standing Match. The winner is declared when one of the combatants is unable to continue, cannot get up by the count of 10 or if his manager or ring side companion throws in the towel.
Douglas J. Wentworth accompanied Steel to the ring and Nelson was escorted by Hillbilly Helbert. Nelson had Steel in his signature move, the Cobra Clutch, and Steel was almost out. Wentworth complained to referee Petty about Helbert interfering in the match.
Petty went to get Helbert back to his corner when Wentworth ran over, picked up Nelson's towel, and threw it into the ring. Petty saw a towel in the ring and looked over to Wentworth, who still had Steel's towel. Petty looked in Nelson's corner and Helbert did not have a towel for Nelson. As a result, Steel was declared the winner.
Nelson who had the upper hand could not understand why Helbert threw in the towel and asked Petty to examine the towel in the ring. Upon further review, the towel had the initials DJW on it and Petty quickly concluded the towel belonged to Wentworth.
Petty reversed the decision and gave the victory to Nelson.

"Ace England pulled off another upset and defeated Wade for the television championship. Eclipso interfered in this match too taking Wade and throwing him into the ringside steps during the match. Eclipso rolled Wade back into the ring and England pinned him to capture the gold.
Eclipso's actions added fuel to the fire in the brewing Wade-Eclipso feud.

"The Golden Boy Tony Wright made his ring debut tagging with Hillbilly Helbert to defeat The Mask Mauler and Eddie Loco. As Loco went to load his famous boot with a foreign object, Wright was able to sneak up from behind Loco and rollhim up for the pin.

"Eclipso defeated Kidd Lightning using Wade's own move the Spud Cutter.

"Lynn defeated Scott Lee and The Mercenary in a three-way match when Lynn delivered a spine buster on Mercenary.

ACW, sponsored by We Care of Franklin County, returns to the National Guard Armory Oct. 3 with an 8:15 bell time.

Advance tickets are available at all usual outlets.