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ACW "The People's Words"
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The Flo turns heel, takes out partner - Part 2

"In other action, Ace England continued his win streak not only defeating Eddie Loco but by winning the special Halloween over- the- top rope- battle royal.

"In the match against Loco, England was defending his Universal television championship for the first time.

Loco dominated the match and at one point threw England out of the ring,

Loco followed and referee Petty started to count both competitors out.

Loco rolled England back into the ring at the count of eight and started to enter the ring, but slipped and fell allowing England to capture the count out victory.

"In the battle royal, England survived to the final three with Wade and Ken Steel. Steel was thrown out by Wade but Steel held on to Wade and both wrestlers fell out of the ring. I surprised England was declared the victor.

"I know some people might think I am on a lucky streak, but I finally think things are coming together for me. I'm ready for all challengers in ACW," England said.

"In a three-way dance between Hillbilly Helbert, Ken Steel, and "Golden Boy" Tony Wright, Helbert had Wright pinned after a sidewalk slam.

But, Steel pulled Helbert off of his pin attempt and captured the pin fall instead for the victory.

Big Yella defeated Scott Lee with the "De-Railer," a devastating spear delivered by Yella.

The match between Weddle and Eclipso was thrown out by referee Petty after outside interference.

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