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The Flo turns heel, takes out partner - Part 1

In one of the most shocking turn of events in an American Championship Wrestling (ACW) ring, The Flo showed his true colors and had many fans shaking their heads in disbelief at the end of the night.

Saturday's main event at the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory featured The Flo and The Legendary Eclipso versus. The Bad Dogs, Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynn.

However, the Bad Dogs made sure that Eclipso would not be able to participate in the match.

Wade pointed out to ACW commissioner that Eclipso had not defended his Universal heavyweight title in the required 30 days and had to not only compete in the main event, but wrestle a second time against a top contender.

Wade wanted the shot but in a twist of fate, the commissioner declared Scott Weddle would get the title shot since he was injured at the hands of Wade months earlier.

Eclipso and Weddle had a great match going and Weddle was about to hit his signature top rope splash when Wade and Lynn ran from the dressing room and attacked Eclipso.

The Flo finally entered the ring with his trusty chair and cleared the Bad Dogs from the squared circle.

From the attack, Eclipso suffered a serious shoulder injury which put his participation in the main event in jeopardy.

Eclipso promised the fans that he would still team with The Flo in the tag match after intermission but ACW trainers would not allow him to participate.

The Bad Dogs thought they finally had The Flo cornered when Mr. Jamie Wright's ring music started to blare in the armory.

The Flo had recruited Wright to be his tag team partner in the contest against Wade and Lynn.

Wright dominated the match for his team hitting many high impact moves, while The Flo spent most of his time outside of the ring entering the match only a few times.

Wright hit his famous "Wright Stuff" -- a super kick that hit Wade square in the chin.

Wade was out cold when Wright tagged in The Flo so the one time ring announcer could secure the pin and capture the victory.

The Flo landed on Wade, secured his leg and referee Ric Petty counted to three.

The Flo and Wright had defeated the Bad Dogs and celebrated with the rest of the fans in the armory.

Then, The Flo did the unthinkable.

Wright and The Flo, who were still in the ring, were about to be attacked by a defeated Wade and Lynn when The Flo picked up the same chair he had used previously to clear the ring earlier in the night.

The Flo started to tap the chair against the mat challenging The Bad Dogs to come to the ring for more punishment.

Then, out of nowhere, The Flo took the chair and struck Wright in the back.

Wade and Lynn returned to the ring and with the help of The Flo viciously attacked Wright to the surprise of everyone in attendance.

The attack included a leg drop with a chair across Wright's face and a top rope ax handle on Wright's arm from The Flo.

Finally, Eclipso came to the ring and stopped the onslaught.

"Well, well, well; what do we have here? We have Mr. ACW Jamie Wright laid out in the middle of the ring with a possible concussion. We (Wade, Lynn, and The Flo) have been planning this for four months now. I love it when a plan comes together," the Flo said to a stunned crowd.

After Eclipso cleared the ring, he proposed a most interesting match for November's event.

"For one night only, I will team with you Mr. Jamie Wright and Scott Weddle and we will take on Wade, Lynn, and The Flo in a Texas Death Match," Eclipso said to Wright who was being helped to the dressing room.

"After what The Flo just did to me, you are on," Wright told Eclipso.

The action did not stop as Eclipso attacked Wade who was heading back to the dressing room.

The Flo started to help Wade when Eclipso's manager, Douglas J. Wentworth, attacked The Flo with a chair at ringside.

Wade and Eclipso were finally separated when with the encouragement of many fans at ringside Eclipso struck Flo with a second chair shot.

The Flo was finally saved by Wade and Lynn who literally dragged him back to the dressing room.

"The Flo and I came up with this plan where if I helped him get Wright, he would help me get my hands on Eclipso. Tonight we were going to take out Eclipso, but when Wright stuck his nose in our business, he became the first victim," Wade said.