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ACW "The People's Words"
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Pro mat action is set for Saturday

American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returns to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory Saturday night with The Night of Legends III tribute to the late, regional wrestling legend Johnny Weaver.

Wrestling fans who have followed ACW the past few years remember that one of Weaver's last appearances in a wrestling ring was at the first Night of Legends event held at Franklin County High School.
At that event, ACW Universal heavyweight champion The Legendary Eclipso felt the power of Weaver's finishing sleeper hold as he quickly went "to sleep" in the middle of the ring.
Eclipso sought revenge the following year when Weaver's daughter, Wendy, donated one of her father's wrestling jackets to raise money for ACW sponsor We Care of Franklin County and Eclipso took hostage of the jacket.
Hometown favorite Jamie Wright along with a little help from Santa reclaimed the jacket and returned it to "We Care" for the fundraiser.

At Saturday's event, Eclipso is also seeking revenge, but for an unlikely individual.

In last month's main event, The Bad Dogs Col. Spud Wade and Pvt. Robbie Lynn were scheduled to face Eclipso and ring announcer The Flo.
However an injured Eclipso, who was attacked earlier by the Bad Dogs, was unable to compete. The Flo, now without a partner, sought the services of friend and his wrestling trainer Jamie Wright.
Wright quickly agreed. Wright carried his team most of the match and after a super kick on Wade, tagged Flo in to capture the victory.
As the two celebrated, Wade and Lynn attempted to break up the celebration. Flo grabbed a chair and kept them at bay. Then, the event that shocked every fan in the arena occurred. The Flo took the chair and smashed Wright across the back.
It was soon discovered that Flo had secretly been working with Wade on a plan to take over ACW.
"We have been working on this for four month, every since the event at Crossroads. The plan was to go after the two biggest stars in ACW. I was going to help the Col. take out Eclipso and he was going to help me take out Wright, The Flo said after last month's event.
"When Eclipso came up lame, Wright became the first victim. Eclipso is next," he said. At the end of the attack, a confused Wright witnessed another surprise.
His sworn enemy Eclipso had made a six-man Texas Death Match with him and Scott Weddle against Flo, Wade, and Lynn. Flo quickly refused the match and was met with two chair shots from Eclipso and his manager Douglas J. Wentworth. The Flo quickly sought legal counsel to prevent the Texas Death Match from occurring.
Furthermore, Flo was granted an injunction against Wright and members of his family from being within 50 feet of him due to the numerous threats against his person after turning on Wright.
To make sure things would not get out of hand Saturday, the ACW commissioner has barred Wright from the building. Wright challenged the ruling but to no avail.
However, Eclipso used his power as champion to persuade the commissioner to make a match that would force Flo to participate in a Street Fight at the next event.

So in the main event Eclipso will team with Scott Weddle verses The Bad Dogs. If Weddle and Eclipso win, The Flo will have to compete in a Six-Man Street Fight that will include Jamie Wright in December.

"I have nothing to worry about. The Bad Dogs will win and that will be that. I am through with Wright and our next target is Eclipso," Flo said.

In other matches:

The Flo will have his hands full as he competes in his first singles match against fan favorite Foxy Roxy. Roxy has not been at the past few events nursing an injury delivered by The Bad Dogs and looks to take revenge out on The Flo.

ACW television champion, Ace England, looks to continue his win streak against Scott Lee. England holds recent victories include Wade, Eclipso, Eddie Loco, and winning the battle royal in October.

Ken Steel will be teaming up with Loco to take on Hillbilly Helbert and Tony Wright.

Big Yella will take on The Masked Mauler.

Tickets are on sale at Jones Produce, Misty Mountain Wares, and Pizza King for $6

Tickets at the door will be $8 or adults and $6 for youth age 12. There is no charge for pre-school children.

ACW wrestling is sponsored by 220 Auto Sales and the Comfort Inn in Rocky Mount.