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Weddle, Eclipso win main event, street fight is set for next event

'American Made" Scott Weddle and "The Legendary" Eclipso captured a victory over "The Bad Dogs" to set up a December main event to remember as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) sponsored by We Care of Franklin County returned to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory Saturday night.

On the line in the main event was an opportunity for Mr. Jamie Wright to gain revenge against former friend, The Flo, who turned on Wright at the October show. If Eclipso and Weddle were victorious, Flo would be forced to join the Bad Dogs verses Wright, Eclipso, and Weddle in a Street Fight on Dec. 5, which is the next ACW event at the armory.
Col. Spud Wade, leader of the Bad Dogs, entered the ring with an intensity not matched by many. Wade was determined to destroy Eclipso and Weddle with the help of his partner Pvt. Robbie Lynn.
The action got so intense that all four participants were in the ring at once battling it out. A series of moves occurred including clotheslines and sunset flips which led to a series of pin attempts.
Finally, Weddle and Eclipso captured Wade and Lynn in duel sleeper holds, no doubt a tribute to the late regional wrestling star Johnny Weaver, who was honored before the night of action started.
The Flo, who was on the outside supporting the Bad Dogs, tried to enter the ring to save his partners but was stopped when Eclipso's manager, Douglas J Wentworth III, pulled his legs out from him causing The Flo to bust his chin on the ring apron. By the time The Flo got to his feet, it was too late to save his partners because the sleeper holds had put out the Bad Dogs giving Eclipso and Weddle the victory.

At the end of the match, Wentworth addressed The Flo in the middle of the ring.
"The Unholy Alliance' has done some bad things in the past, but nothing like you did. You turned your back on a friend, your family, and your community when you hit Jamie with that chair. On Dec. 5, you will pay when we get you in the Street Fight," Wentworth said.
The Flo, stunned and nervous, left the ring still declaring that he would not take part in the street fight. "I am not scared of Jamie Wright, but The Flo will not be in any street fight in December. My lawyers are already working on a way for me to escape the main event,"

"In other action, The Flo had his hand full as he participated in his first singles match against a returning Foxxy Roxxy. Fans cheered as Roxxy used every wrestling move and some moves not in any wrestling handbook to totally dominate the match.
Roxxy hit the finisher, the 619, that caught The Flo in the face and knocked him down to the mat. Before Roxxy could go for the pin, Wade and Lynn, who put Roxxy on the injury list the past two months, came to the ring. Referee Ric Petty went over to break up an argument between Lynn and Roxxy when Wade threw a chain into the ring. The Flo scrambled for the chain, wrapped it around his fist, and delivered a knock-out blow on Roxxy and secured the chain in his pocket.
Petty turned around to see The Flo's pin attempt and awarded the rookie his first singles win. Fans at ringside continued to point out to Petty about the chain in The Flo's pocket, but The Flo quickly retreated back to the locker room.

"Ken Steel and Eddie Loco defeated Hillbilly Helbert and "Golden Boy" Tony Wright when Steel secured a pinfall after Loco delivered a loaded boot to Helbert.

"Ace England's win streak finally ended when Scott Lee defeated him after a DDT. The good news for England is he kept his Universal television belt because the pin fall occurred after the 15-minute time limit for the belt.

"The Masked Mauler and Shawn Cruz defeated Eric Brooks and "The Lion Tamer" Jake Fontaine after a "loaded head butt" by Mauler and a half Boston Crab submission by Cruz.

ACW returns to the armory Dec. 5for its Christmas show.
Fans that bring an unwrapped new toy will get a special discounted price on their tickets the night of the event.

Advance tickets are available at Jones Produce, Misty Mountain Wares, and Pizza King. ACW is co sponsored by 220 Auto Sales and the Comfort Inn of Rocky Mount.

Catch the ACW Radio show hosted by Carl Castillo on WYTI 1570 AM tonight at 7:30.