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Wright gets his revenge on The Flo

Jamie Wright finally got the revenge he was seeking when American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory for the We Care Christmas spectacular Saturday night.
In the main event, the team of Wright, The Legendary Eclipso, and Scott Weddle defeated Col. Spud Wade, Pvt. Robbie Lynn and The Flo in a Texas Street Fight.
It was apparent early on that Wright and his teammates really were not concerned with the match, but to deliver punishment on their opponents, especially The Flo.
In a Texas Street Fight, there are no rules and no disqualifications. Wrestlers are allowed to bring any foreign objects to the ring to use on their opponents.
The match started with Wright charging at The Flo pounding him with fists of fury. Wade and Lynn proceeded to attack Eclipso and Weddle and finally referee Ric Petty cleared the ring and regained order.
The Bad Dogs gained an early advantage by using an army belt to whip and choke Wright. Eclipso came to the aid of his former enemy He ripped the shirt from Wade's chest and proceeded to employ a leather strap to his hide.
The action continued with The Flo avoiding Wright at all costs. However, Weddle extracted some revenge for Wright getting The Flo in the ring, ripping his shirt off, and delivering a series of chops that left red hand prints on his chest. Weddle followed that up with a leather strap across The Flo's back.
Wade finally came to The Flo's rescue, but was met with an onslaught by Eclipso. Eclipso ripped Wade's shirt and placed it around his head, temporarily blinding him from the punishment the heavyweight champion was delivering. Wade even accidentally stuck his own partner Lynn with an elbow in the corner.
Flo continued to avoid Wright causing Wright on many occasions to chase The Flo and deliver punishing strikes with the leather strap. The Flo even had to retreat under the ring to escape the blows delivered by Wright.
At the end of the match, Eclipso and Weddle used handcuffs to keep Wade and Lynn outside of the ring, finally giving Wright the one on one matchup with The Flo he had been wanting. Wright backed The Flo back in the corner delivering punches and stomps to all parts of The The Flo's body.
After five minutes of continuous punishment, Wright started to setup his finishing move, The Wright Stuff, a super kick to the face. The Flo noticed Wright's intentions and quickly motioned to referee Petty to come over.
"I can't take anymore. I'm done. I quit. No more," Flo said over the house microphone.
A stunned referee called for the bell and declared Wright's team the victors. The Flo climbed the ropes and celebrated the fact that he avoided Wright's super kick by quitting.
"I told you I had a plan. I have outsmarted Wright once again," The Flo told fans at ringside. The Flo dismounted the corner and continued to celebrate. A determined Wright was still ready to deliver The Wright Stuff and as The Flo turned to face him, he connected and delivered a knock-out kick to The Flo's jaw. The Flo lay motionless in the ring and Wade offered no assistance to him.
"You quit on us Flo and now we are going to quit on you," Wade said. The Flo needed assistance back to the locker room by referee Petty.

"The Flo got what he deserved. He is a quitter and now even the Bad Dogs won't help him. He might as well quit wrestling and go back to announcing,' Wright said. "One thing is for sure -- if we ever meet again, he has another Wright Stuff coming his way," Wright said.

In other action:

"Hillbilly Helbert defeated Eddie Loco in a tapped fist match. Loco had delivered another kick with his loaded boot and Helbert had to use the ropes to make it to his feet before the 10 count. Loco came charging and he was meet with a right hand holding Helbert's lucky horseshoe knocking Loco out for the 10 count.
"I took that shoe off of my lucky mule just last week. I knew it would bring me luck," Helbert said.

"Big Yella and Golden Boy Tony Wright defeated Ken Steel and Scott Lee when Big Yella completed a sunset flip over the top rope on Steel to capture the pin.
Scott tried to save Steel, but was detained by Wright.

Ace England retained his ACW television title in a return bout by defeating Lee after Lee missed a kick in the corner and England rolled him up for the pin.

"Foxxy Roxxy defeated Lionheart Jake Fountaine with a swanton bomb.

ACW, sponsored by We Care of Franklin County 220 Auto Sales and the Comfort Inn will return to Rocky Mount, after the first of the year.

We Care is still taking donations for its Christmas store and if fans would still like to donate, visit Jerry Greer at the Pizza King in Rocky Mount.

ACW would like to thank all the fans for the toys donated to WE CARE that night for the children on Franklin County.