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ACW "The People's Words"
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poem i wrote for sandy scott today

today we lost a dear great friend,
for god has taken sandy scott to the promised land,
of nothin but happiness and golden streets,
man oh man what a miraculous feat,
he may have lost the battle but he won the war,
of everlasting life forever more,
im sure hes up there jus flying around,
why we all mourn his loss here on the ground,
we may think we lost him on this very day,
but if it was up to me i think i would say,
today is the day to remember a great guy,
who would never let a moment with great friends pass him by,
although i believe we all would love to see him once more,
walkin that aisle to the ring on that arena floor,
so with that being said ill have no fear.
because i know in my heart that he is still here,
and from this day forth when i step in that ring,
ill remember those words of wisdom he'd sing,
" go out there and give those fans what they have paid for,
give it your all and i can ask nothing more."

- Scott Weddle-