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Wade captures ACW heavyweight crown

A new heavyweight champion was crowned, but not without controversy Saturday night as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory.
Col. Spud Wade, accompanied to the ring with the other Bad Dogs (Pvt. Robbie Lynn and Sgt. Flo), defeated reigning champion The Legendary Eclipso, who was without his usual manager Douglas J. Wentworth III Esq.
Instead, Eclipso was escorted to the ring by no other than arch enemy Sgt. Jim Nelson which surprised many at ringside. "Since I knew it was going to be three on one, I convinced Nelson to watch my back, but it cost me a championship match next month with Nelson -- a price well worth it,' Eclipso said.
This no disqualification match included outside interference from the Bad Dogs, who Eclipso countered with the use of his famous softball bat and protection from Nelson.
Eclipso seemed to have the victory in hand when he applied a sleeper hold on Wade in the center of the ring. Seeing his leader in trouble, Sgt. Flo started to enter the ring with a chair to break up the hold. But, before he could use the chair, Mr. Jamie Wright entered the ring from the locker room and stopped the advancement. While referee Ric Petty was dealing with Wright and Flo, Pvt. Lynn entered the other side of the ring and delivered a chair shot of his own on Eclipso.
Wade then delivered his finishing move, the Spud Cutter, on a dazed Eclipso for the victory. Eclipso finally recovered to his feet to see Mr. Wright still holding the chair he took from Flo.
"Why did you hit me with the chair Wright? I thought you said you had my back," Eclipso shouted.
"I didn't hit you -- it was Lynn. He is the one who cost you the match," Wright retorted. Meanwhile, outside of the ring, Wade had an announcement of his own.
"I'm through with you Eclipso. There will not be a rematch. You will never get a shot at the belt," Spud said. Eclipso quickly corrected Wade by reminding him of the title shot promised to Nelson.
"You will defend that belt against Nelson on April 10 at Franklin County High School. The contract is already signed," Eclipso told Nelson.

Eclipso further stirred things up during the main event when The Ebony Express, comprised of Mr. Wright and Big Yella, defended the ACW tag team belts against Ken Steel and Scott Lee. Lee and Steel dominated the match but still could not pin the champions to grab the belts. A frustrated Lee finally grabbed his num chucks and struck Yella resulting in a disqualification.
Meanwhile, Eclipso came to the ring to join the onslaught on Yella striking him with his softball bat repeatedly resulting in a serious back injury. Wright tried to help his partner but was overpowered by Eclipso. Finally "American Made" Scott Weddle came from the locker room to give Wright a helping hand, but to everyone's surprise joined Eclipso and delivered a double power bomb and"3D" on a defenseless Wright.
"I came out earlier tonight and you fans actually booed me. Well if you are going to do that, I might as well do something to deserve it. I am sick and tired of not getting what I deserve here in ACW,' Weddle said. "I am joining a true champion (Eclipso) and we are going to destroy the Ebony Express once and for all," Weddle said.

In other matches:

"Drake Tungsten and Shawn Cruz defeated Weddle and Foxy Roxy in a match that delivered many high flying moves. Tungsten finally caught Roxy in a fisherman suplex to secure the victory.

"Hillbilly Helbert defeated Sgt. Flo in a one on one match-up. Sgt. Flo dominated the match as usual when all of sudden Helbert caught him off guard and delivered a sidewalk slam for the pin.
"Everyone saw him cheat, but that stupid referee. Petty even put his hands on The Flo and nobody does that. I have filed an official complaint to ACW commissioner to get him suspended for 30 days for his actions," Sgt. Flo said after the match.

Ace England saw his six-month reign as television champion come to an end as Pvt. Robbie Lynn pinned him to capture the championship. Lynn who was accompanied to ringside by Wade used the middle ropes during the pin to gain leverage.

"Eddie Loco continued to use his loaded boot to capture a win over Damian James.

ACW, sponsored by We Care of Franklin County, returns to Rocky Mount for a special event April 10 at Samuel M. Hawkins-Central Gymnasium for a night to remember wrestling legend Sandy Scott, who recently passed away from cancer.

This benefit show will feature special guests and great wrestling action. Tickets are $5, but donations are greatly appreciated.