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Bad Dogs' reign of destruction continues

The Bad Dogs continued their campaign of domination as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to Rocky Mount for a special card Saturday night at Franklin County High School's Samuel M. Hawkins-Central Gymnasium.
The night of wrestling was dedicated to the late professional wrestling legend Sandy Scott who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer.
To honor Scott, the ACW matmen joined many friends and former competitors of Scott's in a ceremony before the in-ring action began.
During the ceremony 1970s and '80s broadcaster Rich Landrum recalled stories about Scott's life and his run through the wrestling territories.
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famer Jimmy (Boogie Woogie Man) Valiant and Mid-Atlantic Wrestling legends Ric McCord, and Don and Rocky Kernodle credited Scott with helping shape professional wrestling in this area. 'The tribute concluded with a special video put together by ACW photographer Tom Brewer.
Scott would have been proud of the action Saturday night, but not of the tactics of the Bad Dogs -- ACW heavyweight champion Col. Spud Wade, television titleholder Pvt. Robbie Lynn and Sgt Flo.

In the main event, Wade faced off against Sgt. Jim Nelson who was returning to competition after recovering from an attack from Ken Steel in November.
Nelson had Wade in his famous finisher -- the cobra clutch -- and was certain to become the new heavyweight champion, but a desperate Wade intentionally made contact with referee Ric Petty causing Petty to land outside of the ring. Seeing his leader in trouble, Lynn jumped into the ring and was immediately met with a cobra clutch.
Finally, Flo entered the ring and he was also met with a cobra clutch. Petty finally made it back to his feet calling for the bell and awarding Nelson the victory due to the fact Wade had made contact with him resulting in a disqualification.
Wade is still the champion because a championship can't change hands on a disqualification.
"Since you (Wade) keep dodging me and your flunkies seem to keep getting involved in our matches, I am going through them to get to you. And I am going to start with you," Nelson said as he pointed to Flo.
Flo responded, "This match will not happen. I'm the only Sgt. here in ACW and I do not need to prove it to anyone."

"The Bad Dogs continued to show their teamwork in another championship match when Lynn faced Hillbilly Helbert who was trying to recapture the television title. The match went back and forth, but Helbert finally caught Lynn with his sidewalk slam finisher.
Flo entered the ring to try to catch Helbert off guard, but Helbert met him and immediately threw Flo over the top rope. Referee Petty went over to remind Flo he must stay out of the ring during the match.
While the referee was distracted, Wade entered the other side of the ring and hit Helbert with his megaphone, allowing Lynn to pin Helbert and get the win.
"That is the second time you have cost me the belt Wade. So why don't you put your belt on the line next month at the armory," Helbert said. "I came here to beat up some Franklin County hillbillies tonight, but I can wait to next month. You are on," Wade retorted.

"In the third championship match, The Ebony Express defended their tag-team belts against Eclipso and new partner Scott Weddle. Eclipso thought he would have the upper hand in this bout when he took out Big Yella last month at the armory. However, Yella had a surprise for him when he allowed "Golden Boy" Tony Wright to take his place and partner with his brother, Mr. Jamie Wright.
The Wright brothers were holding their own against the more experienced Eclipso and Weddle when finally Eclipso came off the top rope with his trademark softball bat while Weddle was distracting the referee. Eclipso went for the pin and secured the victory. While celebrating, Foxy Roxy came out from the locker room and informed the referee that Eclipso had used the bat.
Referee Petty then restarted the match. The Wright brothers caught their opponents off guard and rolled them both up for a double pin to retain the titles.
Eclipso and Weddle were furious with Foxy Roxy's convincing the referee to restart the match and took out their frustration on Roxy by delivering a 3D and Doomsday off the top rope.
The Wrights finally recovered to save Roxy, but not before Roxy suffered a serious throat injury. It is believed that Roxy will be out of action for months.

"In a six-man tag-team match, the trio of Flo, Scott Lee, and Ken Steel defeated Roxy, Ace England, and The Sarge when Flo hit Sarge with Lee's num chucks while referee Petty was distracted by Steel.

In other bouts:

"Doink the Clown defeated Eddie Loco with a "Whoopee Cushion" splash on Loco.

"Damian James defeated D-Mack with a corner splash.

"Shawn Cruz defeated Firebird Charlie West with a lariat.

ACW sponsored by We Care of Franklin County returns to the Rocky Mount National Guard Arm