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ACW "The People's Words"
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Eclipso, Scott Weddle take tag titles "NEW CHAMPIONS"

The Legendary" Eclipso and Scott Weddle captured tag team gold Saturday night as American Championship Wrestling (ACW) returned to the National Guard Armory in Rocky Mount.
The duo defeated The Wright Brothers, Tony and Jamie, in the most exciting match of the evening.
It was evident that the new champs had a strategy to work over the rookie Tony Wright and keep the more experienced Jamie Wright out of the ring.
Eclipso and Weddle executed move after move on Tony, but the rookie eventually mustered some offense which included a running power slam and twisting suplex.
Finally, Jamie got the tag and delivered a Wright Swagger Drop, a move that resembles The Rock's People's Elbow.
Then, Jamie followed with his finisher, The Wright Stuff, and The Wrights looked like they would retain the belts.
However, Eclipso managed to get a foot on the rope to stop the count.
Tony tagged back in but was met by Eclipso's Iron Claw which stopped his advancement.
After more punishment, Tony finally made a tag, but referee Ric Petty who was distracted by Weddle, did not see it.
Jamie tried to enter the ring to take care of Eclipso when Petty escorted him back to his corner allowing the new tag champs to deliver a 3D on Tony to secure the pin.
Douglas J. Wentworth III Esq., manager of the new tag champs, avoided ring action thanks to the victory by Eclipso and Weddle.
"I told you that I would not have to get in the ring tonight. I knew my guys would win the belts. You (The Wrights) are a bunch of losers," Wentworth yelled.
Big Yella, who escorted The Wrights to the ring, snuck up behind Wentworth and threw him in the ring.
The Wrights were about to get their hands on the ACW Manager of the Year, but Wentworth escaped.
"You guys might think you took me out for six months, but I got a surprise for you; I'm back," Yella told an excited crowd.
This sets up a special challenge Saturday. June 5th as The Wright Brothers and Big Yella desire a match with Eclipso, Weddle, and Wentworth.
"We do not care what they want. We are the champs now so we make the matches," Eclipso said after the match.

On a side note, Wentworth wanted to congratulate Rocky Mount mayor Steve Angle on winning re-election and still wants to meet him at the ACW arena.
"I want to congratulate him in person. I will even up the ante by donating $100 to We Care if he has a meeting with me here in the middle of the ring," Wentworth said.

"In other action, Col. Spud Wade retained his ACW Universal heavyweight belt by defeating Hillbilly Helbert. Wade was escorted to the ring by the other Bad Dogs -- Pvt. Robbie Lynn and Sgt Flo.
Helbert had to constantly watch his back as Lynn and Flo tried to get involved in the match. Helbert had the victory within his grasp when he executed his finisher sidewalk slam and went for the pin on Wade.
Seeing their leader in trouble, Flo and Lynn jumped to the apron and started to enter the ring. Helbert landed a solid right on Flo stopping his advancement. He then went to stop Lynn allowing Wade to go behind him and roll him up into a schoolboy pin for the victory.
"I told everybody that I was coming to Rocky Mount to beat up a hillbilly and that is what I did," Wade said.

"In the battle of the Sergeants, Sgt. Jim Nelson got a win by disqualification over The Flo when wrestlers from the back entered the ring trying to collect the $50,000 bounty on Nelson that Wade placed on his head. Flo attacked Nelson's arm the whole match so the wrestling legend could not slap his cobra clutch on Flo.
Flo also introduced Nelson to his new submission move, The Flomission, but Nelson refused to submit.
A frustrated Flo let go of the move and started a charge toward Nelson, but Nelson gained his bearings and delivered a devastating clothesline to Flo.
Flo staggered to his feet and was met with the cobra clutch. Drake Tungston came from the locker room to catch Nelson off guard so he could collect the bounty and was met with a cobra clutch for his effort.
Not to be left out, Eddie Loco came from the locker room, delivered a loaded boot on Tungston and tried to get to Nelson who met him with another cobra clutch.
Flo finally rose to his feet and began another attack, but Nelson answered with another cobra clutch and attacks Nelson who slapped another clutch to silence Flo's last stand. Referee Petty finally convinced Nelson to break the hold.
"Wade, keep sending all of your flunkies to get me. I will continue to take them out one by one," Nelson said.

"Ken Steel and Scott Lee defeated Tungston and Loco when Lee reversed Tungston whipping him into Loco's loaded boot allowing him to secure the pin.

"Pvt. Robbie Lynn retained his television championship by defeating Ace England with a Lynn driver.

"D-Mack defeated Bobby V with a small package.

ACW sponsored by We Care returns to the Rocky Mount National Guard Armory, Saturday,. June 5 with an 8:15 bell time.